Try Pain Away - Even this little bottle is powerful enough to relieve your pain - 5ml Migraine Mini

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This amazing Pain Away works in minutes is non-greasy and won't stain clothing.  Made with exclusive Eucalyptus Oil (Radiata), Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pure & Potent CBD and rare Palo Santo Essential Oil. 

Balanced Chill Pain Away-Migraine Relief is made for modern professionals with effective ingredients that won't overpower perfumes or after shave.   This is not your 'gym-rat's' burning, smelly pain relief.  The distinctive odor let's you know it is working and dissipates quickly leaving you with just a hint of our signature lavender scent.  The roller ball applicator concentrates the Migraine Relief where it is needed (on your temples and forehead) and not into your eyes.

Pain Relief in seconds without the awful 'medicine smell'.  

You also don't have to wait; our Pain Away provides relief in minutes not hours or days.  Our proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils is a balanced product that mimics your natural skin oils so that it soaks in nourishing your skin while providing awesome pain relief.

Balanced Chill Pain Away.

Not intended for use in eyes or on mucous membranes. 

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