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We've all been there.  We want the benefits of CBD; anxiety, pain and inflammation relief, throughout the day without the drowsiness that's just perfect at bedtime.  Here at Jimmy's Java, we have your solution; how does 180mg of natural caffeine sound?  How about delivering that caffeine in a delicious, patented Cold Brew?

Balanced Chill  CBD Infused Cold Brew Espresso

The inevitable blending of the observed health benefits of CBD and natural caffeine from coffee.  

We rigorously researched the optimum blending of Pure & Potent water soluble CBD Isolate combined with our already popular Cold Brew Espresso.  We ended up with 20mg of Active CBD in each 8oz serving of Jimmy's Cold Brew Espresso (180mg caffeine).  We get it, a habit has to taste good or it is just medicine!  Try a bottle and you'll see what we mean.


12 CANS, 8oz each, of 20mg CBD Infused Cold Brew Espresso (200mg caffeine)