Balanced Chill was conceived by Scottie Jack as a way to help his twin daughters support themselves into adulthood. Both have been challenged from birth with Cerebral Palsy and have difficulty working in traditional jobs. Kai Lani (Kai) and Noe's work appears in all the online content produced for Balanced Chill.  The girls are an integral part in getting the message out about Balanced Chill and live the benefits of daily CBD use.  A portion of every sale has been set aside to support the Kai Noe Foundation, a nonprofit company with the goal of providing a safe, productive environment for differently abled adults to forge their own way through life.

Our original product is the "Make America Chill Again" cap that is offered right here on our site.  It embodies the spirt of Balanced Chill, the wish to bridge artificial canyons in thought through support of common ideas.

Next, we partnered with Jimmy's Java, Inc, holders of the patent for making Cold Brew Espresso (USPO 10104900) to offer a natural, good tasting way to bring CBD into the mainstream.

In 2001, Jimmy started with an idea of creating the best tasting Cold Brew Coffee that had higher caffeine, lower acid and tasted great.  The resulting process, Mechanical Percolation, was awarded a patent by the USPO in October 2018.

The next step, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, was to combine the Best Cold Brew available with world class CBD.  Our CBD is  Pure and Potent, sourced from certified farms/processors and contains zero THC.

This natural blending of CBD and coffee is AWESOME!  Our Cold Brew/CBD  products are the perfect balance of caffeine and CBD to give you the energy surge your body needs to get going without the jittery feeling. Balanced Chill!

Balance in life is important.